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Next Week is Last Week for Leaf Pick Up; Assistance Program Offsets Burden on Residents

MARION, IN: (Dec. 9th, 2016) – Leaf pickup in Marion is winding down and will run one final week next week. A new leaf pickup method was implemented this year to save approximately $40,000 in costs to upkeep old equipment, which according to the Citywide Maintenance Department, was becoming a costly and antiquated system. The new method requires residents to bag leaves in paper bags as opposed to simply raking them to the curb. Residents were also encouraged to mulch their leaves to nourish the soil if they have the means.

December Employee Spotlight: Ofr. Leland Smith & Sgt. Eric Randle

On May 7th, 2016, Officer Leland Smith responded to an emergency call/ambulance assist at a residence located in 1700 block of S. Branson St. Dispatch stated the caller said "something heavy had fallen on his father.” Upon his arrival, he reported he saw several people in the rear of the residence including small children and adults. Officer Smith ran to them and observed a white Jeep with no wheels. Someone yelled that it was crushing someone, and he ran to the Jeep.

City Protects Local Charities by Eliminating “Donation Dumpsters” in Time for Giving Season; Model Shared with All Indiana Counties

MARION, IN: (Nov. 29th, 2016) – At least 22 donation bins that once sat in random parking lots throughout Marion are no longer found nor allowed, thanks to initiatives taken by the Community Foundation of Grant County and the City of Marion.

Phone Issue Resolved Between EarthLink & Marion City Hall

MARION, IN: (Nov. 14th, 2016) – Phone calls into the main office of Marion City Hall are now coming through after a temporary disruption in service affecting EarthLink customers on a widespread level.

A couple of City of Marion employees had noticed at approximately 7am this morning that incoming calls were not going through, and callers were getting a busy signal or a greeting from an Earthlink operator, if they dialed the main line, 765-662-9931. The problem persisted until about 10am this morning, a total of about 3 hours.

EarthLink Phone System Problems Affect City Hall Incoming Calls

The City of Marion's normal business operations are being affected due to an apparent nationwide issue with EarthLink, the phone server the City of Marion utilizes. The problem was noticed early this morning when some city employees were notified that incoming calls were not going through and the callers were getting a busy signal. If one makes a call into City Hall's main line, 765-662-9931, they will receive a busy signal, or an automated response from EarthLink saying the "call cannot be completed as dialed, as the called party is busy."

Employee Spotlight - MPD Officer Ben McKnight

A huge congrats to the City of Marion "Employee Spotlight" for November....MPD Officer Ben McKnight!

Officer McKnight #111 has been on the Marion Police Department since 2011.

On 7/22/16, he was the first responder on the scene of a 17 year-old male who was not breathing. He performed CPR until the 17 year old began breathing on his own.

Officer McKnight, we hope you receive this token of recognition as an expression of how much your work is not only vital to the safety of people in this community, but how much we appreciate your devotion to your job.


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