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New Cost-Saving Leaf Pick-Up Method to Start Next Week

MARION, IN (Oct. 25th, 2016) – The Marion Citywide Maintenance Department will begin leaf pick-up using the new cost-saving method beginning October 31st.

Marion Airport Awarded $1.2 Million to Finalize Secondary Runway Improvements

MARION, IN: (Oct. 6th, 2016) – The Marion Municipal Airport has been awarded $1.2 million to finalize construction of a taxiway for their secondary runway.

Proposed 2017 Budget

The link below gives you access to the proposed 2017 budget notice for the City of Marion, Indiana. The proposed 2017 budget is $23,045,021. The administration has proposed to cut $1,420,554 from 2016's actual budget. The council has been reviewing the proposed budget, and will meet on October 18th for a public hearing, then on November 1st for adoption.

More Emergency Preemption to be Implemented on Traffic Lights, Creating Ease of Access for First Responders

MARION, IN: (Sept. 20th, 2016) – A federally-funded project will allow for improved emergency response within the City of Marion by the spring of next year. 13 intersections, mostly along State Road 18 will receive Emergency Preemption installments. Those locations are:

SR 15 (38th St.) at Adams St.
SR 18 (2nd St.) at Western Ave.
SR 18 (3rd St.) at Adams St.
SR 18 (3rd St.) at Branson St.
SR 18 (3rd St.) at Boots St.
SR 18 (3rd St.) at Nebraska St.
SR 18 (3rd St.) at Washington St.
SR 18 (4th St.) at Adams St.
SR 18 (4th St.) at Branson St.
SR 18 (4th St.) at Western Ave.

Budget & Finance Committee Meeting Notice


There will be a meeting of the Marion Common Council Budget & Finance Committee on Monday, the 26th day of SEPTEMBER, Tuesday, the 27th day of SEPTEMBER and Wednesday, the 28th day of SEPTEMBER, 2016 at the hour of 6:00 p.m. These meetings will be held in the Council Chambers in the Marion Municipal Building, 301 South Branson Street, Marion, Indiana. The purpose of these meetings will be to discuss/review with city department
heads their proposed Budgets for the year 2017.

Alan Miller, Chairman

State Farm Gives $700 to Marion Fire Department to Improve Arson Detection & Prevention Program

MARION, IN: (Aug. 5th, 2016) – Grant County State Farm agents teamed up this week to improve and sustain Marion Fire Department’s arson dog program. When the seven agents learned from Fire Prevention Officer Brandon Eckstein that the department had unfulfilled needs for the safety and well-being of “Jersey,” the arson detection canine that State Farm had funded exactly one year ago, they proudly stepped up to the plate.

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