Marion Fire Prevention Officer, & Former Chief, Retires After 36 Years

MARION, IN: (March 24th, 2016) – Marion Fire Prevention Officer & Former Fire Chief, Robert “Bobby” Johnson has retired after 36 years of service with the City of Marion Fire Department. Johnson began as a Private Firefighter for the department in 1979, and since has served as a dispatcher, fire investigator, prevention officer, and even Fire Chief during the Ron Mowery administration (1993-1999).

Johnson served instrumental roles in helping the City of Marion become the 2nd city in Indiana to equip semi-automatic defibrillators on fire trucks, beefing up fire prevention education programs in the schools, bringing down arson cases through the Juvenile Fire-Setters Program, and partnering with groups to install smoke detectors in homes.

Johnson says he enjoyed investigating the cause and origin of fires, doing inspections to fulfill the Indiana Fire Marshall’s standards, and knowing that his work made a major impact in people’s lives. “I already miss investigating fires and putting criminal cases together.”

Now in retirement, Johnson says he will plan to keep working part-time in some capacity while staying in Marion. “One piece of advice I have for our firefighters is to keep putting money back in either a 403 (b) or a 401 (k), even if it’s $5/week, because retirement will hit before you know it.”

Fire Chief Geoff Williams was the last of many firefighters hired by Johnson. “He was one of our best fire investigators, with a good work ethic of being fair, thorough and consistent. Bobby was a good advocate for educating youth under several programs, and an excellent promoter of our department. It will be hard to find someone to fill his shoes.”

Chief Williams says they plan to stay in touch with him, and have already been reaching out to him for advice.

Johnson’s last official day was March 19th.

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