City of Marion to Improve Parking Standards

MARION, IN: (May 2nd, 2016) – The City of Marion is taking action to improve parking standards in Marion by increasing violation fines and adding manpower to ensure enforcement, and encouraging good parking practices.

Multiple City departments have been receiving numerous complaints about inaccessible parking and lack of enforcement in time-limit parking spots, no parking zones, handicap-accessible spaces and more, for several years to present-day.

After hearing complaints from Downtown Marion constituents in Roundtable discussions (a downtown forum) in addition to general complaints from citizens and visitors, the City of Marion formed an ad hoc committee to find a feasible solution to make parking accessible and fair to everyone.

City of Marion Deputy Director of Development Services, Janet Pearson, reported “we routinely witness vehicles parked downtown all day in 2-hour spots both on the street and in parking lots…including business owners and operators who park right in front of their own businesses. It’s tempting to park all day for convenience, but it’s not fair to those owners/operators who lease parking spaces in City-owned lots, and furthermore, it dissuades customers and development of our downtown.”

Police Chief Angela Haley says the City of Marion is long overdue in increasing parking violation fines as all surrounding communities’ fines are significantly higher. “Parking fines have not been increased in over 2 decades. Surrounding communities were contacted so we could compare fine schedules and we have raised our rates accordingly.”

Chief Haley says new tickets are being printed which outline increased fines for parking violations. “Before now, we were writing $5 tickets, and for those that went unpaid, we would send a certified letter and potentially pay officers overtime to appear in court. It was not worth it to charge $5 per violation. Now, we are going to charge $20 for parking violations (increase of $15), and $100 for handicap parking violations (increase of $75).”

Until the new tickets are printed, Chief Haley reminds motorists to practice good parking habits immediately, and obey the current posted signs.

Workers who regularly park downtown are reminded to park in their designated lots. Anyone who does not have a designated lot, but would like to park downtown regularly for extended hours, may contact Janet Pearson, who manages all City-owned parking lots. She says they have spaces available. Motorists who have a leased space may park in that space 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. Pearson also reminds those who lease spaces to have their tag visible on the rearview mirror. For space leasing information or reservation, contact Pearson at (765) 662-9931.

If you encounter a vehicle parked illegally, you are encouraged to call the Police Department at (765) 662-9981, or 9-1-1 if the violation is a safety hazard or emergency situation.

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