Mayor Announces New City Slogan: “City of Champions”

MARION, IN: (May 5th, 2016) – The City of Marion will award a Marion High School marketing class for submitting a winning idea, while taking it to the next level in creating the new city slogan.

Mayor Jess Alumbaugh has announced “City of Champions” as the new Marion slogan, after being inspired by the winning idea from the marketing class. The class had submitted “Home of Giants” with “Giant National Championships” and “Giant State Championships” in their explanation. Mayor Alumbaugh expressed he wanted a slogan that was all-encompassing, and decided “City of Champions” was a perfect fit for Marion. He explained, “The word, Champion, not only represents success or victory, but it also means to fight for a cause, or someone who fights for a cause. There are thousands of examples of Champions in our Community: Champions of Character…Champions of Integrity…Champions of Service…Champions of Change…and so much more.”

The rules stated that the mayor would make the final decision in the contest. The mayor explained, “I’m taking the winning slogan, and going one step above ‘Home of Giants.’ I’m a Marion Giant High School graduate and I’m proud to be a Giant. That said, there are people in Marion who do a lot of great work and are very much a part of this community who may not have attended Marion High School. There are also other schools here with different mascots. Even if they would be accepting of the concept, I wanted to be sensitive and make sure that everyone feels included, welcomed, and appreciated here.”

Mayor Alumbaugh added, “We’re excited to start sharing all the wonderful examples of “Champions” in this community. These are not just sports-related champions, but people or groups who are doing good work that would otherwise go unnoticed. The City is now working on a marketing campaign, and with that, a logo will be unveiled in the fall. In the meantime, local businesses and organizations are encouraged to help spread the word. Use it on your letterhead. Paint it on your storefront window. Get creative and show your pride!

The marketing class will be presented with $100 for winning the slogan contest, courtesy of The News Herald. The City would like to thank The Chronicle Tribune and News Herald for their sponsorship, and everyone who participated in the contest. Thanks for making Marion a true “City of Champions!”

To share how you are celebrating the new slogan, "City of Champions", email

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