Unleased Spaces in City-Owned Lots to Become First-Come, First-Served Unrestricted Public Parking

MARION, IN: (July 1st, 2016) – The City administration is offering an array of free downtown parking options to the public, effective immediately. Eight City-owned lots (outlined in the attached map), with the exception of numbered spaces within the lots, are now offered to anyone on a first-come, first-served basis for an unrestricted amount of time. The friendly change is part of a larger effort to make parking more accessible to visitors and residents as well as business owners and downtown employees.

Concerns had been brewing for more than five years about the inaccessibility of parking despite the large percentage of parking spaces in Downtown, Marion. Inaccessibility was largely due to parking signs being unobserved as a result of lack of consistent enforcement. Motorists who parked in time-limit zones were getting away with parking all day in places where potential customers should park. The first step to correct the situation took place mid-May, where the new administration reinforced the parking ordinance as it should have been, and gave ample notice, issuing a press release on May 2nd, 2016.

Since that time, the City has rolled out a second phase to improve parking accessibility downtown. Eight different lots owned by the City of Marion are being offered up first come, first served, with an option to lease any of them except Lot E. The administration advises that some of the lots are popular commodities and may become entirely reserved, but as of now, all lots have free parking as well as opportunities to lease. If you would like to lease space(s) in the City-owned lots outlined in the map, contact Janet Pearson at 765-662-9931. Anyone may also look at leasing from one of the numerous privately-owned parking lots downtown.

Representatives from multiple City departments are continuing to working together to roll out long term plans to accommodate downtown growth, while doing what they can to be downtown-friendly by offer free parking, whether it’s 1-hour, 2-hours or 24/7.

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