City Battles Blight with Neighborhood Blitzes

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: City Battles Blight with Neighborhood Blitzes

MARION, IN: (July 29th, 2016) – The City of Marion Code Enforcement Department, Citywide Maintenance Department and the Grant County Sheriff’s Inmate Work Crew are again joining forces to conduct what they call neighborhood blitzes in addition to carrying out demolitions to battle blight.

One was conducted this week on two vacant properties in the 1800 block of South Branson Street. The collaborative team hopes to continue the blitzes in order to reduce blight and create safer, cleaner neighborhoods.

Senior Code Enforcement Officer, Ken Hussong, says they hope to continue these neighborhood blitzes as long as they have the money in the budget to do so. “There are a lot of people not taking care of their properties. We are doing what we can for the vacant ones, but there lies the other issue with occupied properties.”

Building Commissioner, Jerry Foustnight, says they are also working on the implementation of an ordinance amendment which would enforce fines for code violations on the first offense as opposed to a warning. “We need to hold these property owners accountable.” The ordinance amendment is nearing its second reading by the Marion Common Council.

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