State Farm Gives $700 to Marion Fire Department to Improve Arson Detection & Prevention Program

MARION, IN: (Aug. 5th, 2016) – Grant County State Farm agents teamed up this week to improve and sustain Marion Fire Department’s arson dog program. When the seven agents learned from Fire Prevention Officer Brandon Eckstein that the department had unfulfilled needs for the safety and well-being of “Jersey,” the arson detection canine that State Farm had funded exactly one year ago, they proudly stepped up to the plate. Through a donation of $700, the MFD will now be able to purchase a K9 trauma kit with essential emergency equipment in the event Jersey’s life is threatened, and a kennel fan to keep Jersey cool, particularly in the summertime. The agents also sold a used pick-up truck to the department for $1, a vehicle Officer Eckstein says will serve their needs well.

Eckstein says he’s very grateful for State Farm’s generosity and willingness to continue their partnership in sustaining the program. Jersey is the 2nd arson dog in Indiana through State Farm’s sponsorship program. She and Eckstein not only serve Marion/Grant County, but provide free arson detection services to the entire state.

Eckstein says he was especially eager to get Jersey a trauma kit in the aftermath of the shooting incident involving Marion Police K9 Geronimo last month. (Geronimo is recovering well from his wound and is expected to be back in service in approximately two weeks).

The Grant County agents who each contributed $100 for the cause include Dennis Roach, Brenda Haecker, Mike Greenwald, John Claxon, Tom Schabo, Stephanie Yeakle, and Nick McKinley.

Brenda Haecker said they were happy to do it. “We just want to help out the fire department to get things done that need to be done.”

The arson dog program has yearly expenses which include annual shots, grooming, food, and other miscellaneous items for Jersey. Those who wish to make a donation may stop by Marion Fire Headquarters on the 3rd floor of City Hall from 8am-4pm Monday through Friday, or send a check to the Marion Fire Department Arson Dog Program at 301 S. Branson St., Marion, IN 46952.

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