New Cost-Saving Leaf Pick-Up Method to Start Next Week

MARION, IN (Oct. 25th, 2016) – The Marion Citywide Maintenance Department will begin leaf pick-up using the new cost-saving method beginning October 31st.

The method simply involves members of the Citywide Maintenance crew following Marion Utilities’ trash pick-up schedule and discontinuing use of leaf vacuums. Marion residents are no longer allowed to rake leaves onto the curb or street, but rather bag them and set them out by the curb when setting out the trash. Residents are to use paper biodegradable yard waste bags. There is no limit to the number of bags that may be picked up. Other ways to dispose of leaves are to mulch them to nourish the soil, or to contain them and bring them to the City Garage (520 E. 6th St.) Monday-Friday between 7am and 2:30pm. Leaves in plastic bags will not be accepted. Loose leaves mixed with other waste materials will also not be accepted.

The City of Marion is saving approximately $40,000 in comparison to last year by implementing the new method, which was recently passed by the Common Council.

Leaf pick-up will occur not necessarily at the same time as trash pick-up, but on the same day. Even on holidays, the new leaf pick-up method will follow the trash schedule. The new leaf pick-up schedule, in its first year, does not have an established end date.

Residents with questions regarding leaf pick-up may call the Marion Citywide Maintenance Department at (765) 668-4450. If you need assistance bagging your leaves, you may contact your local Neighborhood Association President (found at or call City of Marion Neighborhood Association Coordinator, Larry Richardson, at (765) 662-9931. Residents with questions about trash pick-up may call Marion Utilities at (765) 664-2391 or reference

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