December Employee Spotlight: Ofr. Leland Smith & Sgt. Eric Randle

On May 7th, 2016, Officer Leland Smith responded to an emergency call/ambulance assist at a residence located in 1700 block of S. Branson St. Dispatch stated the caller said "something heavy had fallen on his father.” Upon his arrival, he reported he saw several people in the rear of the residence including small children and adults. Officer Smith ran to them and observed a white Jeep with no wheels. Someone yelled that it was crushing someone, and he ran to the Jeep.

He immediately asked the group where a jack could be located. He soon discovered a jack on the other side of the vehicle. It appeared that the jack was being used until it and the jack stand (still underneath the vehicle) gave way in the soft dirt, crushing the male victim under the rear floor/gas tank area. The victim was lying motionless on his left side with the gas tank pressed tightly against his upper right chest area.

At that approximate time, Sgt. Eric Randle arrived on scene as Ofr. Smith was jacking up the Jeep. Smith yelled to Sgt. Randle to pull the victim out when he got the vehicle raised high enough. When the victim's body cleared, Sgt. Randle was then able to pull the victim from under the Jeep. They then administered first aid in the form of CPR. The initial assessment was that the victim was not responsive, not breathing and had no pulse.

Sgt. Randle then started chest compressions and Ofr. Smith gave breaths to the subject. After a few moments, the victim then started breathing on his own and resumed a very weak pulse. Grant County Sheriff's Deputy Sprunger later arrived on scene and assisted by "bagging" or breathing for the subject during the CPR. The ambulance then arrived on scene and took over lifesaving activities for the victim and put him in an ambulance. The victim was then immediately taken to Marion General Hospital.

Our two MPD officers performed extraordinarily during this emergency call. They are being recognized in this spotlight feature, but we want to thank all first responders of the incident that day in which this victim’s life was saved. Thank you, Sgt. Randle, Ofr. Smith, and all agencies involved.

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