Employee Spotlight: Chris White

Chris White, HR Coordinator

"Chris made a smooth transition from her duties reporting to the Mayor's office to moving her office and reporting to the Controller. Because of Chris's ability to effectively work independently, I can be assured that the day-to-day tasks will be completed. I am appreciative of Chris's willingness to take "one-time" assigned projects with enthusiasm, no questions asked. Examples: Onsite Health Clinic, assisting the Marion Fire Department while their Administrative Assistant is on leave, and revamping the employee file set-up." - Julie Flores, Controller, City of Marion

Thank you, Chris, for the work that you do! You are appreciated!!


The Employee Spotlight award is given as a result of a recommendation by the employee's direct supervisor. The purpose of the Employee Spotlight is to recognize the outstanding work of City of Marion employees as well as build morale by providing another source of recognition for great work or a display of great character.

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