Code Enforcement

The Marion City Council has adopted City Ordinances designed to address blight and nuisances, and to maintain a clean and safe environment for the citizens of the City of Marion.

The Marion Code Enforcement Department exist to provide proper enforcement of the City Ordinances to promote and maintain a healthy, safe and desirable quality of life for the citizens of the City of Marion.

What is Code Enforcement's Role in Improving Your Community?

  • Enforce state statutes and local ordinances
  • Officer training - Continually increasing our knowledge
  • Maintain close working relationships with those that support you
  • Improve the life of our citizens
  • Improve overall image of the community infrastructure
  • Answer/Generate complaints - Reactive and Proactive
  • Work closely with Neighborhood Associations
  • Provide educational material, so that people understand what it is we are doing and why we are doing it
  • Bringing order back to disorder
  • Have a plan to reduce or eliminate accumulation of unhealthy situations
  • Establish a positive stroke for those that clean up their properties
  • Establish programs for litter prevention, waste minimization, school class projects, and neighborhood improvement.
  • Encourage citizens to appear in court as an ally.
  • Training for 'Volunteer Code Enforcement Officers'.
  • Partner with other city departments to provide a unified front against the enemy (trash, debris, abandoned vehicles, and weeds).
  • Neighborhood services are important to the community; rebuilding our neighborhoods can be a matter of life and death (Public Safety).
  • Effective code enforcement helps maintain and increase property values.

Codes and Ordianaces

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