Building Department

The administration and enforcement of building codes and sanitation standards.

What should I require from a contractor ?

You should always ensure that the contractor is licensed by the City of Marion, carries liability insurance, and workman's comp. We would also recommend that you ask for a few references. All legitimate contractors would expect these questions and should have no problem providing this information.

When do I need a inspection?

When you obtain a permit you will be given a list of needed inspections. these inspection reflect key phases of the job being performed and may vary.

As a homeowner can I do my own construction work?

As a homeowner, you may do your own work. There are many things that you can be preformed within your home that fall under general repair. Such as: installing new sinks facets, upgrading kitchen cabinets, drywall repairs, etc. these items fall under the category of general home repair and do not require a permit and can be preformed by the homeowner. A good rule of thumb to follow is, if any project you may be doing in your home effects any mechanical systems such as electrical, hvac, or structural, then a permit is required. The work may still be performed by the homeowner.

When do I need a permit?

You will need a permit whether you are a contractor or a homeowner if the the amount of work is greater than $1500.

Building Department

Our mission is to administer and enforce all local ordinances and codes as it pertains to structures within the city limits, to provide minimum standards for the protection of life, limb, health, and environment, and to ensure public safety and welfare and energy conservation in the design and construction of buildings and structures.

What We Do

  • Issue contractors registration
  • Inspections
  • Issue certificate of occupancies
  • Minimum housing inspections
  • Maintain a list of contract registry

Codes and Ordianaces

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