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Engineering Information

Information provided by the Engineering Department of The City of Marion

Storm Water Contacts

Storm Water Contacts

Department of City Engineering:

The City Engineering Department addresses surface water quality concerns. If you observe any type of unusual characteristics (such as color, odor, oil sheen, or dying aquatic life) in local waterway or any type of suspicious activity (such as RV discharging to a manhole, dumping drums into waterways, or a discharge from pipe during dry weather) contact the City Engineering Department immediately.

Sewer Maintenance Department:

Storm Water Regulations

The City of Marion has developed the City's Storm water Management program in accordance with all applicable state and federal regulations and laws.

To learn more about the State of Indiana storm water regulations:

Indiana Department of Environmental Management

To learn about the United States Environmental Protection Agency's storm water programs:

EPA Storm water Regulations

Storm Water Pollution Control

Rainwater that falls on city streets, parking lots, rooftops, industrial properties and lawns often becomes polluted by automotive fluids, industrial chemicals, and fertilizers before it enters the city's combined and separate storm sewer systems through catch basins and other drainage structures.

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