Public Education and Outreach

The Storm Water Management Program is dedicated to educating all citizens about the water quality issues facing our community today. A community informed and knowledgeable about water quality issues is essential to the success of the City's Storm water Management Program. Every one of us can play a part in protecting and enhancing our water resources. To learn more about what you can do to help improve water quality visit the What Can I Do? page.

Downspout Disconnection

City Wide Downspout Disconnection Program

In an effort to reduce the amount of storm water that enters Marion's sewer system when it rains, the city is continuing Marion's downspout disconnection program. In past years there have been organized initiatives that verified the disconnection of downspouts and sump pumps from the sewer system. This current phase of the program ask Marion's citizens to continue to partner with the city to improve water quality, protect our homes from flooding, and reduce operational cost to the city.

CSO Public Notification

Combined Sewer Overflow Notification Program

The City of Marion has started a Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Notification Program designed to educate and notify the public about the city's combined sewer system. The program uses a CSO information line, general information website and signs posted on waterways at various locations throughout the city to provide information to interested citizens.

Program Objectives

  • Notify interested residents when CSO discharges are influencing the water quality of the Mississinewa River in the Marion area

CSO General Information

Combined Sewer Overflow System

The Mississinewa River is a beautiful waterway and a wonderful resource for the citizens of Marion. The river provides a place to enjoy a wide range of recreational activities including fishing, canoeing, and observing wildlife. We must all work together to protect and enhance this resource for Marion's citizens and future generations.

Wet Weather Challenges

The City of Marion faces two types of problems caused by rain events and snow melt.

Welcome to the Combined Sewer Overflow and Stormwater Management Website

The mission of Marion's Stormwater Management program is to develop, implement, operate and equitably fund the acquisition, construction, operation, maintenance and regulation of stormwater collection and drainage systems and activities within the City including improvements to the City's existing combined sewers.

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