Fire Department

Prevention of losses by fire and providing and maintaining a emergency rescue team.

Marion Fire Prevention Officer, & Former Chief, Retires After 36 Years

MARION, IN: (March 24th, 2016) – Marion Fire Prevention Officer & Former Fire Chief, Robert “Bobby” Johnson has retired after 36 years of service with the City of Marion Fire Department. Johnson began as a Private Firefighter for the department in 1979, and since has served as a dispatcher, fire investigator, prevention officer, and even Fire Chief during the Ron Mowery administration (1993-1999).

Marion Fire Chief Paul David’s Leadership Remembered

To enjoy the Press Release "Marion Fire Chief Paul David’s Leadership Remembered"please click here.

Press Release: Insurance Rating for Marion Fire Department Improves, Opening the Door for Lower Insurance Premiums for Citizens

To enjoy the Press Release "Insurance Rating for Marion Fire Department Improves, Opening the Door for Lower Insurance Premiums for Citizens" please click

"Congrats to our Fire Department and all citizens! Great news!"

Marion Fire Fighters Have a New Team to Fight Arsonists

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Extreme Temperatures (Winter)

Cold snaps and heat waves are as challenging and deadly as any other natural disaster. Preparation during per-season is essential.

Preparing for a Winter Storm
  • Stock up on food, water, medicines and heating fuel.

  • Secure back-up heat sources, such as kerosene heaters. Never use charcoal, gas or propane heater indoors.

  • Buy bags of rock salt and sand for use on icy walkways.

  • Weather-strip windows and doors to help deal out the cold.
  • Fire Prevention Month

    Every year thousand of home in the United States are destroyed or damaged by Fire. There are a few easy steps you can take to greatly reduce the chance your home and property will be damaged or anyone injured in a fire- whether it starts inside or outside your home.


    • Have smoke detector and fire extinguisher on every level in you home.
    • Test and Clean smoke detectors monthly and replace batteries at least twice a year.
    • Check Fire extinguisher pressure gauges monthly.

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